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How to Get Excited About Life | Wake Up With Enthusiasm

Do activities that makes you feel amazed and excited about life. Life can become an amazing gift.

The greatest gift human beings have is the Power of choice. We can choose, right now, to start on a path that respects our passion, authenticity, and our purpose.

Recognize the power of choice. Step into your power and make a decision. A decision to start playing, start exploring and to start stepping into your amazing self.

Start to feel fully live. Wake up excited! This life is yours for the choosing. This way you might feel excited about life.

We are born to have an amazing gift to this world.

Tap into who you really are, free, the empowered, special person gifted with your own strengths, talents, gifts, and unique experiences.

Be excited about life

 Figure Out What You Want 

Just think, If you had a magic wand and could have anything you wanted in this world, what would it be? If there is freedom, what would you choose?

What do you really want from your life? Which places do you want to visit? Which good activities do you want to try?

If you answer these type of amazing questions, you might feel excited about life.

 Remind Yourself How Amazing Life Can Be 

There are so many interesting parts, almost anything good can happen.

Who knows, you may meet a celebrity whose movies you enjoy.

You might find a 20 dollar bill on the ground, or bump into a trustworthy stranger who could become a friend for a lifetime.

The possibilities are endless. Feel excited about life and start thinking positively.

 Discover Your New Strengths, Gifts, And Talents 

Write down all of the talents, gifts, and strengths you know you have.

Ask five of your closest friends what they think your talents, strengths, and gifts are.

Write down all of the strengths, talents, and gifts you see in others that you admire.

Think of ways to allow them and feel excited about your daily life.

 Practice Optimism 

An optimist is more excited about everything in life!

The good news is "optimism" can be learned. It is knowing you can fill up your life with excitement.

Believe the things will work out. When you do, it is easy to get excited about the new possibility.

 Start To Express Yourself And Respect Your Good Opinion 

Start to "Say Yes More" regularly. Understand where you are – if something feels right, then Just SAY YES to it.

If you feel good and excited about something then start doing it.

It could be anything from meeting new people to joining a painting or guitar class.

Claim power. When you express your good self that brings excitement back to our life.

 Talk To Strangers 

Get connected with other people. While travelling on the bus with your headphones and spark up a conversation with someone.

Who knows what good it could lead!

Studies have proven that people often get unexpected enjoyment while talking to a stranger. New people often bring excitement in life.

 Get A New Hobby 

Engage your mind with mentally stimulating hobbies.

Pick up a new sport or learn how to play a musical instrument. You can learn from others and make new friends.

We all have hobbies. They are the things we enjoy doing in our spare time. We gain joy through our hobbies.

New hobbies are ways to add more joy and fun into your life. It can also make life feel more exciting.

Plus, by achieving new goals, you will gain self-confidence and feel proud of yourself. You will meet new persons who are passionate about something.

The new friends might give you a new perspective on living and life. You might feel excited about life.


The fastest way to get excited again is to travel. Travel inspires your senses and opens your eyes. Travel means experiencing, smelling, seeing, and hearing new things.

There are different places you will see. The different people you will meet. The food you will eat, all the things you get to do when you travel.

These are the things that stay in your memories for a lifetime. These memories get passed on from one generation to another.

You can tell your children about the fun you had during your travels. Children love stories. This brings new excitement in life.

 Find New Friends And Meet New People 

If we hang out with people who are passionate about their lives, we will be inspired by their amazing energy and enthusiasm.

If we hang out with good smart people, we will learn a lot from them.

 Free Your Mind 

Take care of your emotional well-being. Put time aside each week for a yoga class or a little meditation.

The relaxing breathing strategies involved in both will help increase enthusiasm and optimism.

Feel better, and look at things differently.

 Make Little Positive Changes 

Bring back the excitement. Learn a new skill, read a new book, or even just doodle – these can ignite your creative self.

You will soon realize that the act of starting and doing "something new" can give you confidence and new energy.

The new positive energy helps to bring enthusiasm and excitement about life.

 Fall In Love With Life 

We are deeply social human beings. Love is one of the best feelings around. It changes your perception.

It could become an exciting journey. Try to be more accepting of people.

 Allow Yourself To Have Fun 

Remind yourself to play and have fun is a very healthy thing to do. There are a variety of different ways to work and play. Find the one that feels the most fun.

Play a nice video game. Do not judge yourself. Just enjoy the experience.

Play a board game with friends. Invite some friends over.

Play sports. Find a friendly sports league.

 Make A List Of The Possibilities 

Imagine all the things you can do with your amazing time. Write down on paper a few things you want to accomplish in life.

Find all the ways you might live your life. This can be an exciting thought. Think about good possibilities.

 Change Is Good 

Change it up!

There are a number of changes you can make to make your life exciting from home to office that ranges from big to small.

Changes which are small, include things like ordering something different off the menu rather than getting the same thing all the time when you go out to eat.

These little things can get you excited about life.

Large changes might be things, for example, visiting a place or moving to a new city.

 Read Exciting Quotes About Life 

There are amazing people who have written beautiful things about the nature of living and life.

Get excited and inspired about life through reading.

 Make Yourself Up 

Remember how unique your life is. You can visit new places. One exciting implication is that your life is a unique thing.

Life is an opportunity to make the most of it. Life is a thing which can help you experience new amazing things.

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